Artist Statement
In recent years, I have been travelling extensively, exploring different cultures and ways of making art. These experiences have encouraged me to be more global in m aproach to looking at art, and in making it. My definition of art and the artist, continues to evolve, and since I am influenced by my experiences, therefore so is my art.

My work has always been personal, narrative, and sometimes feminist, but I am focusing more on expressionism than realism, and although color continues to dominate as a theme of my work, I am building a collection of personal symbols, with patterns and designs representative of African cultures. I continue to involve the figure in my work, but in a more abstract, metaphorical manner, than before.

Currently, my research includes the cultures, images and designs of Western Africa. I have accumulated a number of artifacts, masks and sculptures from this part of the world, and this is becoming the source of the content, and storytelling in my work.